The Possibility Of Lasting Change

Glass of water and changeA glass of water might contain cyanide that could kill us on the spot. But the same water could instead be mixed with healing medicine. In either case, H2O, the chemical formula of the water itself, remains unchanged: in itself, it was never either poisonous or medicinal. The different states of the water are temporary and dependent on changing circumstances. In a similar way, our emotions, moods, and bad character traits are just temporary and circumstantial elements of our nature.

Ray of light and changeA ray of light may shine on a face disfigured by hatred or on a smiling face; it may shine on a jewel or on a garbage heap; but the light itself is neither mean or loving, neither dirty or clean. Understanding that the essential nature of consciousness is neutral shows us that it is possible to change our mental universe. The primary quality of consciousness is simply knowing. Although this cognitive faculty underlies every mental event, it is not itself affected by any of these events. The neutral and luminous background of our consciousness provides us with the space we need to observe mental events rather than being at their mercy. We can transform these mental events(thoughts and experiences) with the help of this space.

Therefore the possibility of lasting change always exists.

– inspired by the writings of Matthieu Ricard


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