Your “Budget” Is Your ” Rock”

Budget, financial goals and the tree

Your budget is the ROCK upon which your financial life is built. It is your foundation. All other financial decisions are appendages to the budget. The budget is the tree. The budget is the massive trunk, rooted deep into the ground, immovable by any force.

All the financial goals you have is the fruit.

  • The new car you want is the fruit.
  • The house you want–the fruit. The college savings you’re dying to put away for your kids is the fruit.
  • Your retirement plan is the fruit.
  • Getting out of debt is the fruit.
  • Paying off your home is the fruit.
  • Investing more earnestly for retirement is the fruit.
  • Putting  away money for a fancy vacation is the fruit.
  • Buying a new TV is the fruit.

If you don’t plant and care for the tree, you won’t get the fruit. To get the fruit, we need to focus on the tree. Because that is where the fruit comes from. Your financial goals are the fruit. The tree with its roots deep in the ground, strong and stable is your budget. If you plant your tree properly, the fruit will naturally come. If you can take care of your budget, your financial goals will become a reality.


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