Refreshing Perspectives For A Positive And Meaningful Life

Be careful what you accept as truth and what you discard. Be open-minded toward different ideas – only new ideas can initiate the change necessary for positive development. Admit and accept your fallibility – remove previously accepted information once its incorrectness becomes known. Decisions are better, if they are based on an understanding of this world that is closer to what is really real.

Animals, plants and everything else in this world are perpetuating the system. We are humans, too, so we also have to contribute to the continuation of this system. We are allowed to choose( free will), and we have special mental abilities. We humans are the Change Agents in this system – we have little choice about this. We can choose whether to cause change intentionally or unintentionally. We can try to cause positive change. My soul and your soul chose to incarnate in a human body so it can contribute as a Change Agent.

I love being a Change Agent. It feels good to believe I am here on a mission. The more I understand, the more likely I am to cause positive change. The better I understand myself, the better I can take care of myself. The longer I live, the more change I can cause. What exactly I am to do is best answered on a spiritual level. Spiritual ideas cannot be proven. Nobody knows the spiritual “truth” – nobody has right to claim knowledge of the truth. My spiritual belief system brings meaning and purpose to my life, which provides happiness and fulfillment to me. I believe the Universe to be all that is, including this world and myself. The Universe communicates with me through gut feeling.

The human is the only element in this world that does not have to follow rules rigidly, but has wiggle room to make choices. How much can an element with as little intelligence as we have, as much free will as we have, inserted into such a system as our world, change this system? It is possible for us to change the system for the better. To give the experiment a chance to succeed, the Universe guides us through intuition and inspiration, and by providing experiences for us to become aware and understand. I am the means the Universe uses to cause change and continue the development of this creation. I am a Tool of the Universe.

We humans have the potential to be Angels who implement actions of Love. It makes me happy when I experience having been an angel. I am on the lookout for situations when I can be an Angel. Since we are the Angels, it is up to us to fix this world. We can’t wait for super-natural outside help; it’s all up to us.

The only reason for war and hunger anymore, is our spiritual immaturity. The mainstream spiritual message has not changed for several centuries. Dramatic development is possible only after a dramatic change in our approaches. After the Sciences Revolution, The Political and Industrial Revolutions, and the Information Revolution, it is now time for a Spiritual Revolution.

” Final judgment” does not happen after we die, but now and constantly. Hell and heaven happen during this lifetime. Our actions have consequences, and they determine to a large extent if our lives get better or worse. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword – those who make this world a hell, live in hell. Trying to contribute in a good way makes my life happy and fulfilling; it allows me to experience glimpses of paradise.

The only zoom level where we humans are distinct beings, separate individuals, is in that one particular narrow range, where we see and touch and hear. The material that makes my body comes from the same pool and returns to the same pool as every other person’s body. Some molecules in my body may have been molecules in somebody else’s body. I am a separate being, a separate individual only during a very narrow time window. On a material level we are, really, all one. My soul is always part of the spiritual whole, even while it is my soul. My soul is trying to contribute to the goal of the spiritual whole, just as the organs contribute to the goal of the body. Every person I encounter, I see as a fellow soul, one who is also trying to contribute in a positive way to the development of this world. On a spiritual level, we are also really all one.

We are all born with talents, strengths and weaknesses. I can be more successful, when I work on something that makes use of my talents. Every person has the talents necessary to fulfill the purpose for which the soul came into this world. The family I was born into, and my life’s experiences, are preparing and enabling me to fulfill my life’s purpose. The Universe guides me by providing opportunities and hindrances. My life’s purpose is not clearly and easily identifiable. My talents and passion are good pointers to indicate my life’s purpose. What I perceive as my purpose might be just a milestone along the way, and might be replaced with a new purpose once I reach it. Being open-minded and willing to re-adjust is important to be able to find and walk my path.

It doesn’t matter what I have. What matters is what I do! I measure my success by looking at how often I can see what my task is, what the Universe needs me to do, and how well I can accomplish this task. I, and only I, am responsible for gauging my success, using my critical observations and the feedback of people around me. I do the best I can. I am the judge, knowing if I can do better. I am the judge of my success, and with that I am in control of my happiness.

Competition is “natural”. Cooperation is “spiritual”. competition creates pressure, sabotages fun and fulfillment, and ca produce abundant negative energy while extinguishing positive energy. Cooperation enables great accomplishments and provides fulfillment and fun for everybody involved; it produces an abundance of positive energy. Competition is a measure of how ignorant and primitive a society is. Cooperation is a measure of how mature, enlightened and evolved a society is. Competition is healthy only among savages. Cooperation allows everybody to add to the end product and removes unnecessary redundancy.

Responsibility = ability to respond. It requires understanding and awareness. For anyone who can’t be responsible, somebody else will assume responsibility. Handing back responsibility is difficult – gentle reminders may be necessary. Laws are society’s way to tell irresponsible members how to behave. Government assumes responsibility if the people don’t assume it for themselves.

I contribute to every situation I encounter. And only my contribution can I change. I assume responsibility for myself. I am in charge of myself and my life. I am able to decide what is right for me to do. My soul talks only to me. It is up to me to listen and act accordingly. When my motivation comes from within, I can be all that I can be, and do what my soul has set out to do.

We only have about four thousand weeks in our life. With every single one of those weeks, we can choose to make it a week worth living, or a week that was wasted. Every single week is a chance to be happy, to pursue fulfillment, and to make a difference.

You always have a choice. What works for others does not necessarily have to be the best for you. Goals change over time as priorities change; priorities change when awareness and maturity increases. My goal is to improve my ability to recognize what the Universe needs me to accomplish in whatever situation I find myself in. Instead of “what-to-have” goals, I now strive towards “what-to-do” goals. Instead of following my self-charted course, I follow wherever the Universe is carrying me.

Traditions, customs and habits have developed from old-time solutions. Times, situations, knowledge and understanding have changed and improved. Frequent re-evaluations of any “old” solution are important to allow for growth. Traditions, customs and habits are the biggest hindrances to development. Concreted-in traditions may need an earthquake – to shake up people enough to rethink the topic. Resistance to traditions can become a tradition itself, one that needs to be reevaluated frequently. My personal growth is possible because I question and re-evaluate every tradition, custom and habit that I have been taught and told. I keep the ones that still make sense, adjust those that need adjustment, and discard outdated ones.

Life is beautiful – if we choose to look at and enjoy the beauty around us. Whatever we do has an impact. We choose what we do. We are remembered by the impact we make. It feels good to have a positive impact. Even simple, everyday situations hold opportunities to learn, grow and exchange information.

Everything happens for a reason – even bad things. even bad things can have positive impact. We can increase the positive impact by using a crisis as a tool to increase our awareness, as a trigger to start changes. Crises are needed, if we aren’t able to see without pressure. Sometimes more than one crisis is needed for us to “get it”. May we learn our lessons in a gentle, peaceful and loving way, so life can treat us kindly and need not send us into crisis.

A ” person” is a temporary union of matter and spirit. Matter is still part of the world, even though a finite amount of that matter is called “me”. the spirit, my soul, is also part of the whole and not separate from it. I’d like my funeral to be not an event of wailing and sadness, but a celebration of my life, with happy and inspiring music, and fun and inspiring stories. I love you.

Relationships enable us to better survive individually and as a species. Working together made ist possible to create computers, the space shuttle, and all other technical accomplishments. Group effort has allowed us to understand as much as we do about ourselves and the world we live in. Healthy relationships are mutually beneficial and supportive of each participant. In a group we can start a “Tornado of Ideas”. When two or more channel their energy about a particular topic, the spirit is right there with them, inspiring ideas and providing creativity.

Relationships have the potential to fulfill animal and spiritual needs. In earlier times, the reason of relationships was mostly to support survival. Today, they can support us in pursuing our lives’ purposes. Relationship is a goal for life, but it is not life’s purpose. The two most important concepts to make a relationship work: open, direct, clear, honest and non-violent communication and absolute tolerance and absolute firmness at the same time. Absolute tolerance, to allow the other to make her/his own decisions. Absolute firmness, to not allow the other to control me.

– extracted from the book ” You are the change by Thomas Hutegger”



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