Six Simple Productivity Hacks

When things do not go according to plan, go through this three-step process:

  • Can I control this situation? If yes, do it.
  • Can I influence anything around this situation? If yes, do it.
  • If you cannot control or influence, then accept it for now.

When you have situations you do not like, do either of these two things:

  • Change it: think about option or let go of it.
  • Change your attitude to it: think about what is positive about the situation.

If you want to get somewhere, think of it as a three-step process:

  • Deciding where you want to go.
  • Realising where you are now.
  • Setting off.

Prioritise your work by this four- step process:

  • Work on the urgent and important first.
  • Work on the not urgent and important second.
  • Handle the urgent and unimportant in new ways.
  • Avoid the non-urgent and non-important things.

If you want to achieve goals, then you should have these three mental states:

  • Clarity: you should be clear about them
  • Belief: you should believe you will achieve them( even if they are a stretch or seemingly impossible)
  • Action: you should act as if they have come about already.

Have only a list of three things( no more, no less) that you want to do or progress in each day.



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