Two Mind Management Meditations

Today, we shall explore two mind management meditations:

The 1-21 Meditation

  • Sit quietly and begin to count your breaths with an inhalation/exhalation being one count.
  • As soon as a thought enters your mind during the count, it means you have lost the contest and must, therefore, begin counting over again.
  • Do not become discouraged if you only get to the fourth or fifth breath count before your mind wanders and thoughts arise. This is typical for most people. Be both patient and kind with yourself.
  • When you realize you are thinking thoughts, simply acknowledge that this has happened and start the count over beginning at one. With practice you will be able to count more breaths before thoughts emerge.

The 1-5 Exercise

  • As you inhale, say 1; as you exhale, say 1.
  • Next, as you inhale, say 2; as you exhale, say 2.
  • Continue this process to 5 only.
  • Then begin with 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, etc again.
  • You will know you are day-dreaming or thinking if you find yourself saying 6/6, 7/7, 8/8, etc. This is called “automatic counting” and is no longer meditation but daydreaming.

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