Napolean Hill’s Success Advice In 750 Words

(Passion+Talent) x Associations x Action + Faith =Success

There are many ways to succeed if you have the passion and are willing to work hard, develop a plan, involve others and persist. The material for becoming a success is not complicated. The principles of success do not change. But just becoming a financial success is not enough. We should leave a legacy that has made the world a better place to live in.You can be whatever you make up your mind to be. Being happy, wealthy or successful is a product of the mind and its unlimited possibilities. All wealth depends upon having a clear knowledge that the mind is the creator of wealth. You must control your thoughts if you are to control your circumstances. The power that makes accomplishments possible is belief. Belief or faith gives one the power to put forth the effort necessary to reach success and avoid failure. From the mind comes opportunity, with the only limitations being those that you place on yourself. You can work almost without ceasing when you are getting pleasure from your work. Our inner thoughts bring either success or failure depending on which one we allow to dominate our thoughts. Your dominant thoughts make your inner world and your outer world is but a reflection of your inner world. A task once begun is half-done. Getting started is the most difficult part. Successful people’s purpose in life always involves careful plans followed by action. There should be no question that fixedness of purpose is the greatest element of human success. Factors that determine success are offering a product or service that is desired in the market. You cannot just think, dream or wish for things to happen; you must take action. Look at each attempt that you complete not as a failure, but as an education. It is what you become during your journey that is most important. Take the help of others. Don’t be afraid to ask as you never know what help you may get if you try. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help; otherwise you are unlikely to reach the degree of success that can be achieved with the right associations. You need to have a definite purpose and help others in the process. Remember you make a living by what you get and a life by what you give.Desire, Belief, Action, Learning from feedback received from action, Repetition till you succeed. These are the five things you need to succeed. This requires discipline. With discipline we make our habits and then our habits make us. Help others with what they want or need and then you are truly successful. Life’s best rewards are not monetary in nature.Obstacles are not there to block one’s path, but to be used as stepping-stones on the path of life. Fear is caused by negative creative thinking. Most fears have no justification or basis in fact. Feel the fear and do it anyway. It will help you reach higher heights. What happens to us does not matter. How we respond to it matters. If you can persist even if you have failures you will succeed. You can change your life by changing your beliefs. Changing your beliefs will change your thoughts, attitudes, motivations and actions. Read good books apply those ideas to your life. A burning desire is the starting point of all achievement. If you do not have the desire, you will not persist. Then set goals, which are nothing but thing that you want to accomplish, you, not someone else. Write them down and put a date by which you will achieve them; otherwise you will just be living in fairy-land.Doing things regularly that will help you achieve you goal are what we call habits. You need to develop these habits persistently as there will be failures on the way, but persevere. Perseverance is absolutely essential for all success.Be frugal and save money. Invest them wisely. When the income from your investments exceed what you need to live you are wealthy. Be self-reliant and learn to do more with your judgement and abilities. Help others and seek help for others. Choose wise mentors.Opportunities are always there. You need to have goals to see the opportunities. But million opportunities are of no use if you do not act. Visualise that you will achieve what you want to achieve: this means to see in your inner mind that you have already achieved the goal.


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