True Spirituality And Evolution

We all have a body. This body forms in the womb of our mother and comes out into the open world after some time. This body keeps changing. We do not notice it in minutes or days, but we can notice this in months and years. The body changes in many ways. It grows and after a period of growth it stabilises. Then depending on the person it does begin to fail in small and big ways, like an old car or machine. Finally, at some point, the heart stops and the body becomes like a lump of clay, dead with no life. The body is burnt or buried and it becomes one with the elements of the earth.

We all have feelings. Some of them are instinctive, like the baby smiling at the mom who feeds her. Then there are feelings of familiarity, feelings of liking something, feelings of not liking something and sometimes you do not feel much about something. These feelings come and go and sometimes we get addicted to these feelings and these feelings take root in us and refuse to go.

We all have thoughts. This grows slowly, from the simple ideas of a child to the profound theories that a research scholar makes. We try to prove that some thoughts are right and some thoughts are wrong, some thoughts are useful and some thoughts are not useful and so on.

Body, feelings and thoughts do not exist in separation. You cannot have a body without feelings and thoughts. You cannot have a feeling without body and thoughts and you cannot have a thought without body and feelings. All the three of them is what makes us what we are, human.

Is there something beyond which holds these three – the body, thoughts and feelings. If there is what is that?

We can give a name to it, the soul, the psychic being, etc. That does not matter. To know that in truth we have to go beyond the body, feelings and thought and see these things from that plane.

How do we do that? We cannot do it without the help of someone who has done it previously- we take the help of that someone and do things which he asks us to do- that someone may be a talk, a book, a person or inner guidance. That someone is our teacher-our guru.

Only when we go beyond the three, can we really know what these three really are and what the mystery of our being actually is. We can talk a lot about what others have said and realised but that is just describing the colour, shape and taste of the banana. We can know the banana truly when we peel it and eat it. Then we really know. Then we will not be just speculating but truly experiencing.

This is the beginning of true spirituality and true evolution. 

The path is long and reaching the end will take eons but if what the Masters say is true, this is our true nature as we are all the Divine and every small effort that we take will move us further on the path.


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