The Life Divine By Sri Aurobindo: The Divine Soul

This post contains my personal notes and reflections of the chapter called The Divine Soul from the The Life Divine written  by Sri Aurobindo.

The key points are summarised in the slide below:

The Divine Soul

The Divine Soul lives in the consciousness at the intersection of the One and the Many and is able to see the Divine in the One and the Many and Itself and Itself, the Many and the One in the Divine. Thus no matter what, its consciousness is one with the Divine.

In other words, the divine soul is Adwaita, Vishishtaadwaita and Dwaita simultaneously; One, One in Many and Many in One and Many with consciousness of the Divine eternally. There is no shred of a separate ego which is cause of Ignorance and Suffering.

And what prevents us from being the The Divine Soul that we are meant to be:

Suffice it at present to observe that the absence or abolition of separatist egoism and of effective division in consciousness is the one essential condition of the divine Life, and therefore their presence in us is that which constitutes our mortality and our fall from the Divine. This is our “original sin”, or rather let us say in a more philosophical language, the deviation from the Truth and Right of the Spirit, from its oneness, integrality and harmony that was the necessary condition for the great plunge into the Ignorance which is the soul’s adventure in the world and from which was born our suffering and aspiring humanity.

But this has to be experiential in all parts of our being and not just intellectual and that is what makes things so difficult to realise this in trueness.

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