A Month Of Mindfulness

This post contains 31 nudges to take you to mindfulness. Use one each day and see how much more mindful you can become as each month passes.

  1. Breathe for the moment.
  2. At least three times today, pause and do a quick body scan.
  3. Set your timer; come into mindfulness when an hour has passed.
  4. Pause, now and then, ask yourself: What is my mind telling me about this?
  5. Put a few moments aside to become aware of the pause at the end of your out-breath.
  6. Remember that your happiness probably does not depend upon whatever you are worrying about right now.
  7. Slightly slow down some of your actions today.
  8. Be aware as you stand up or sit down.
  9. Bring your attention to your shoulders now and then, and allow them to relax.
  10. Recognise the golden moment in mindfulness practise: the moment you realise your mind has drifted away.
  11. Drink your tea or your coffee mindfully.
  12. Use awareness to pull your scattered mind together.
  13. Notice pleasurable moments.
  14. When walking today, do so in awareness and without unnecessary hurry.
  15. Choose a sense to which you will bring mindful awareness as often as you can today.
  16. Use awareness of posture as a quick and easy gateway to mindfulness.
  17. Practise the art of waiting mindfully.
  18. Pause and notice your breathing, now your posture, now your sounds in your environment, now your breathing again.
  19. Check what is happening with your body when sitting down.
  20. Choose a mindful space.
  21. As you go through your day, ask yourself: What is my intention?
  22. Use today’s inconveniences to develop your mindfulness practice.
  23. If you detect a feeling of happiness, appreciate its presence without analysing it into pieces.
  24. Return to mindfulness when your imagination flares up and takes you away from the reality of the moment.
  25. Allow negative emotions to go in their own time.
  26. Return your attention, now and then, to your anchor point, a place where you are most aware of your breathing.
  27. Whenever you breathe today, do it mindfully.
  28. Give some attention today to what your hands are doing.
  29. Allow yourself to stop thinking about issues that you cannot resolve.
  30. Intend to be mindful today.
  31. When talking to or looking at another person step out of the judgments and stories you usually repeat to yourself about them.

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