The Only Story

There are always stories in your life
But they are not life, for
Your life is your soul-
Which is eternal,
No past, no present, no future,
Just the here and now.

As you flow down the river of your life,
You can look back at what you achieved with pride,
Or at what you failed with regret.

You can look forward with hope of realizing your dreams,
Or with fear of them not becoming true.

But you can also do something else-
Which is to just flow, being yourself,
Accepting the now in its wholeness,
Failure, success, happiness, sadness, everything…
Allowing the Divine to work whatever He wants,
Knowing that you will become Her,
As the river meets the ocean.

Yes, we may come back as another river
But, who cares, for we know that
We are, we were and we will be
Always the ocean in our essence.

We see the way different rivers form and flow,
Authored by Her and anchored by Him,
We are complete and the story disappears,
Into the only Story that exists-the Divine.


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