The Fragile Life

Feeling dissatisfied –
Many needs to meet,
Many goals to achieve,
Many problems to fix,
Many pasts we yearn to change,
Many futures that we fear,
Too many luggage,
Too many baggage,
Too many paths,
Too many choices,
Overwhelming, demanding, complicated,
Cannot be happy.

An illness strikes, an accident occurs,
The nature of our life becomes clear,
As death sings its gentle beginning.
The path we walk is clear-
From birth to death.

The fragile, beautiful life then beckons,
To live in the present moment,
In the here and now,
For what existed and will exist
Is not true and we can only live now.

The needs, the guilt, the fear melt away,
The future and the past disappear,
Worries melt, fears run.
Each moment we live, we realise
Is the glory and the grandeur,
Our only possession,
Our only fulfillment,
The rest are shadows thrown
On this light by our mind.


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