The Awareness Of Now

The sun rises, bathing the sky
With its light, illumining the clouds,
The air, leaves, the earth.
The blackness of the night is now transformed
By a simple act whose reason we know not why.
Just look with a quiet mind and allow this miracle
To infuse your mind with calm and peace
And you start to know presence.

As I sit quietly, with my eyes closed
I allow my ears to hear the sound around me,
I go to my body and allow myself to feel
The sensations from the toes to the head,
I feel my tummy move up and down with the breath,
I feel the air at my nostrils as I breathe in and out,
The mind moves to thoughts and dreams and fantasies,
I gently come back, and back, and slowly
The mind settles, and like a bee,
Now is just quietly sucking the nectar of the breath
Unaware of anything else.
A calmness fills my world and all I see is now
Infused with a Divine Light.

I get up and see the world with eyes transformed
A boy on the road, the bus stop, the cat, the bicycle
Everything is filled with a nameless joy,
A lightless light, a peaceful calm,
And for a moment, I realise what Now means.



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