Becoming The Divine

The waves of the ocean never stop,
The depth of the ocean is always still.
We see the waves,
We are the depth.
Gravity creates the waves, not the ocean
Thoughts come from outside, not the mind
Chosen by our nature, like ice-cream flavours,
Attracted to a few always, ignoring the rest
Creating maps, not the territory.

Sit quietly, immersed in the stillness beyond,
The waves will pound but sinking into the depths
They no longer matter.
In silence you immerse and the being now sees
Through a truer lens what everything really is.
The Light from above descends
The being ascends from below
We go beyond the clouds and discover
The pure sky that always Is
The cloth of body, mind and feelings now dyed with
The Divine, can never go back to its earlier colour
The being now sees the Divine, and
Becomes the Divine.


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