“To Do” and “To Be”

“To do” keeps us on this treadmill
That never stops, always going somewhere,
And nowhere.

Projects completed, an empty schedule,
Activities done, goals reached,
Mean nothing, for you have
Something you have forgotten to do,
Something you still have to do.

Present does not exist, except to
Think about the future and the past,
Always worrying about what to do,
And what you have done

Leave this ” to do” by the wayside
And “be”.
Let the ” to do” thoughts come and go,
While you stay still,
Like the sky in which the birds fly.
That train of thoughts will stop and rest,
And stillness will make you aware
That time is always still, though
The planet and the mind moves.
This stillness where you discover
The truth, every moment you live and die.


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