Reflections From My Calm Center

When we have lived long enough and look back, we will find that the slate has not been pristine. There have been good things that happened and there have been disappointments. We tend to hold on to the good things and reject the disappointments. We live our lives in a way that we seek the good things and avoid the disappointments. This makes life stressful. Let the sand of life be gently setting on your hands. Whatever stays, let it stay. Whatever falls, let it fall. If you try to grasp the sand, it all falls away. Let whatever comes into your life come, and whatever goes go. Let it come and go like everything-the seasons, time, leaves, flowers and life itself. For what you are is eternal and that can never be destroyed.

Don’t surround yourself with luxury. Do not seek good news, compliments or presents. There is no need to say the right thing, to pretend, to prove yourself or seek the respect of others. Do not try to cover up silence with noise. Do not try to fill the empty space with jobs or words or tasks that do not need to be done, have no meaning or purpose. Just be with your stillness and you will find there is no need to seek or strive because there is no need.

When you have moments without thought, you can hear the silence between sounds and beneath sound. The world you see has greater detail, sharpness, colour and depth. Everything looks refreshingly new. You feel part of the whole. Time stops and you are in the present. All this is what is most familiar to the deepest and truest part of you.

Use thought only when you have to deliberate, analyze or organize or you seek to imagine. Pick it and leave it when it is no longer needed. Let the past and future go and live now. Experience purely the stillness of your mind. Do not distort reality through interpretation.

Stop striving. Stop pushing. Give up this endless struggle. Accept that this is all there is and there is nothing more to gain or lose. If this moment is not good enough, then nothing will be and you will always be at war. Do not try to bend fate to your will. Allow life to unfold naturally, like the seasons. Let the river of life carry you. Flow easily and do not seek to swim to a place.

Do you wonder how you are going to pass the time? Do you wish you were someone else? Do you feel something’s not quite right? Do you catch your mind clinging to future dreams? Do you seek noise and activity? Then it means you are pushing yourself too hard, you have lost yourself in worries and responsibilities and you are stuck in the past and the future. You don’t need to do anything. Just be still and in the now and the water will become clear.

Do not lose yourself in diversions, entertainment, never-ending activity. Do not hide yourself behind beliefs and stories and illusions. Who are you? Where are you? What should you be doing here? Be still and the answers will come. The emptiness, solitude and silence will lead you to your true home.

If you cling hard, you become weary. Don’t fight. Change brings decay if you resist it. But if you accept and flow with it, it brings growth and renewal.

What you are is covered with beliefs, fantasies, stories, identities, emotions, thoughts, past and future. Slowly strip them and see what you truly are. A spark of the Eternal.

Leaves and flowers die. Who mourns? Many people die everyday. But not all of us mourn. We mourn for what we think is ours. But was it always ours. Where was your wife before you met her? Would you have mourned her death if she had died before you met? Where were your children before you brought them into this world? Is it all a dance of the Eternal in various shapes and forms. Death will happen unless we transform. Death will happen as a part of transformation. Death is something we shy away from, but why? It has to happen, isn’t it? Or are you going to be the first one to fight it and win? But if we were eternal then death has no meaning. It is just change like the leaves drop off in winter. But we need to realise this and once we do, our whole life becomes more calmer.

Once you feel the silence, even for a moment, life is never going to be the same again. For who you has tasted this nectar and will seek to do it again and again.

Do not cling, for one day you will have to let go. Prepare yourself like a traveller who knows she will be leaving soon and gives away her things and hands over her duties.

Slow down. Don’t strive. Don’t chase. Don’t get agitated. Don’t look forward. Look around, accept the now and be content.

The question of why the Eternal is born comes from the mind. The Truth regarding this question is beyond the mind and hence an answer cannot be given, it has to be found.

The insect, the fish, the bird, the animal and man have evolved. Is man the final? Who knows? But if the Divine is perfect, there is more to come.

True realisation brings forth the epiphany that what is happening is what has happened and the only way to make things happen that need to happen is to become one with the will of the Divine.

Do not seek second-hand and superficial happiness. Be happy with nothing, with no cause, without consuming or collecting. Then there will be no deception, disappointment or fading. The happiness of you is eternal.

You are a miniscule point in the grand scheme of things. Your problems, worries and perspectives are not important. But you are important. Because you are the Divine and this is your play in one sense. But you have be immersed in the Divine and merge your will to his will and then this miniscule point gradually expands to fill the whole universe and this point becomes a flowing expression of the whole.

A world that is reborn every minute. If you look carefully, everything, I mean everything is reborn every minute. Contemplate this and the mind becomes still.

There are a lot of problems in the prison and you can spend your whole life fixing them. But a luxurious prison is still a prison. The first step in becoming free is to realise you are trapped in a prison and then the steps will follow to help you get free. Seeking freedom in a prison is like seeking warmth in ice.

Can you conceive of a time when you did not exist? I cannot.

If you are aware, you can sense the strangeness of it all – of being alive, of being here, being this body, this world of form and the life that exist behind all this form.

Hear the silence behind the noise. Feel the space in the crowd. Sense peace among chaos and conflict. See the beauty in the ugly. When being alone is no longer lonely, when emptiness seems full and strangeness is familiar and home is everywhere, you start to sense the paradox that is life.

If you seek to succeed, you will fail. If you seek to fail, you will fail. The seeking is the issue. Fulfillment is not a place you seek, it the place from where you seek. If you seek without seeking, then success and failure are the same for what matters is beyond these states.

If you want endless pleasure, wealth or fame, you will always want. You will never reach peace. Desire is gross, it is subtle. It is like the layers of an onion and peeling each one reveals more layers. Don’t desire anything except the end of desire. To do so, we have to become hand-maids of the Divine-like the sun, moon, earth, water and sky.

Savour this world, this life as it will pass sooner or later. It is a project of the Divine and you are an subject. Be fearless, empty and step aside and allow the Divine to work his will in and through you.

The essence of you is existence, consciousness and bliss – all Eternal, all Divine.


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