Ten Simple Suggestions To Be Less Busy

When you want to do less work, you have to say “no”. When you say “no”, when you explain something, when you ask for permission, include the word “because”, because then your argument will be seen as more rational and acceptable. Say: I cannot do it, because…

Check you email and messages at specific times in the day.

Single task. Turn off the notifiers.

Identify at least one meeting that you can either cancel or simply not attend.

Next time you are asked to do something, look at how much spare time you have. Halve this amount of spare time. Then estimate how long the job will take. Then double that time. If you still want to take it on, then go ahead.

If you want to do a lot of stuff in a short amount of time, then become more aware of time. Get a big clock that you can see easily. Or set alarms for every 30 mins.

Give yourself a clear and exact time to finish anything-a project, when you will go home.

Start work on your problem for about twenty minutes, possibly in the form of a mind-map. Then leave your subconscious to work its magic; when you finally begin the task, your thinking and ideas will flow.

Any thoughts, worries or ideas that you are holding on to reduces your processing speed. So get things out of your head. Capture things in something that is always there with you- a notebook or smartphone. Don’t try to analyze what you record- simply write them down. Then go through what you have written at least once a week and refresh it.

Do not take things seriously. Smile.


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