Beliefs And Reality

Usually, we do not know the full reality. We have certain beliefs about what reality is for us. This applies to all areas of our life – work, life, jobs, spouse, money, spirituality, religion, the ultimate Truth, etc. Whatever I do reflects my beliefs. If my beliefs and your beliefs are not the same, you may not find what I write useful. If there is an area where our beliefs overlap, you may find some use in what I write.

However, if your beliefs are not similar to mine, then what I write may not be useful to you. Thus, if you are inclined to do some sort of intellectual exercise to prove one of my beliefs wrong, simply remember that everyone can usually find lots of evidence to support their beliefs and refute others. Just simply know that I admit that these are my beliefs and that your beliefs might be different.

adapted from the words of ” Van Tharp”



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