Dogs Of The S&P CNX Nifty: 2016 Update

You can read about my previous post here: Dogs of the Nifty 2015 Update.

The returns of the strategy for 2016 are as follows:

Dogs of the Nifty: 23.52
Small Dogs of the Nifty: 45.50%
S&P CNX 50: 4.17%

The strategy  had a strong beating in 2015 and at the end of 2015 had not outperformed the Nifty over the previous 3-5 years. However it has trashed the indices this year (2016). This just shows how unpredictable the markets are and the importance of being married to a strategy for life.

You can see some return statistics in this spreadsheet.

The Dogs of the Nifty and the Small Dogs of the Nifty for 2017 are as follows: See this spreadsheet of how we arrived at the selections:

Dogs of the Nifty 2017

Company Price Dividend Yield
Coal India 300 9.13
BPCL 635.5 4.89
ONGC 191.35 4.44
ITC 241.65 3.53
Tech Mahindra 488.9 2.46
Infosys 1,010.60 2.4
Hero Motocorp 3,043.65 2.37
Bajaj Auto 2,632.20 2.09
Tata Steel 391.25 2.05
NTPC 164.75 2.03

Small Dogs Of The Nifty 2017

Company  Price Dividend Yield
NTPC 164.75 2.03
ONGC 191.35 4.44
ITC 241.65 3.53
Coal India 300 9.13
Tata Steel 391.25 2.05

We will continue to track the returns of this strategy over time.


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